The SBL Handbook of Style (off topic)

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 14:39:50 EDT

I just received a request for a book from a friend in Russia.

The SBL Handbook of Style: For Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical,
and Early Christian Studies Edited by Patrick H. Alexander, John
F. Kutsko, James D. Ernest, Shirley A. Decker-Lucke, and for the
Society of Biblical Literature David L. Petersen. 1999.

I know that some of you folks write stuff for SBL so I thought you could
tell me what this book is all about before I order it and have it shipped to
the other side of the globe.

I don't write papers and have not intention of using the book but would like
to have a few unvarnished opinions (off list please!) about this book before
I order it from Hendrikson.

Thanks for your help and please send it to me in private.

Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
Three Tree Point
P.O. Box 255 Seahurst WA 98062

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