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From: Brandon T. Anderson (
Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 19:03:08 EDT

<x-flowed> For those interested in the Greek text of B, especially those who would
like to have it in its original uncial style, and can't quite afford
$4800.00 for the facsimile offered by Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello
Stato, I would highly recommend picking up 'The Concordant Greek Text'
published by Concordant Publishing Concern.

        This work is a uncial-style Greek text of Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, and
Alexandrius. In the sub linear is a literal word-for-word translation, and
variants among the three are located in the super linear.

        The cost is very inexpensive, $18.00 (USD) for simulated leather and
$35.00 genuine leather. 735 pages long.


Brandon T. Anderson

"For we believe in order that we may know, we do not know in order that we
may believe."
-Augustine of Hippo (354-430 A.D.) (PL 35:1690)

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