From: Bill Ross (
Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 21:52:07 EDT

Can you site NT examples of this usage of the pluperfect?

Virtually all of the Pluperfects cited by Clayton describe a *process* not
an event that was completed in the past. Ie: Luke says the city "had been
built" (Luke 4:29).

Of course HSAN is imperfect and TETAGMENOI is perfect, which together
"generally" depict a pluperfect aspect. Obviously, neither is in the
pluperfect per se.

This seems to be the sense of the pluperfect - a combination of the
imperfect, an process in the past, with the sense of the perfect - impacting
the event being described. The significance is not like the perfect "the
city was built" but rather "the city had been built". "By the time this
event happened, this process had already been completed".

If you do site examples, I would be most interested in seeing both. That is,
a pluperfect verbal with pluperfect form, as well as "pluperfect" verbals as
to function (not form, as Acts 13:48).

I can't afford the $500 per hour... :-o

Bill Ross

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