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 I note that B-Greeker Rodney Decker, in his "Basic Bibliography for
 Greek Students," lists bible software for his second-year Greek students
 -- not for first-year.
 Having the illusion of making more progress in Greek than one actually
 is when using Greek bible software, one can "grow up" using a crutch and
 never learn to walk. (At least this is my experience with BibleWorks.)

This is an interesting comment. I had thought about this matter when I was
first learning Greek years ago so I deliberately avoided such things as
interlinears which could become a crutch. I probably didn't think about
Bible software as being a crutch since by the time it was available I had
already had my classical and koine Greek. I think David probably has a good
observation here.

As regards the "best" software package, I have really only used one -- Logos.
 I find it quite acceptable. It has a number of lexica, several Greek NTs
(from NA26 to Wescott-Hort and even a Textus Receptus) as well as the LXX. A
Greek Grammar (Wallace) is available in the Logos format from Galaxie
Software (limited time so hurry). You can also get the BHS of the OT and BDB
abridged/BDB full and Van der Merwe Hebrew Grammar. There are also a
plethora of translations of the Bible which are available -- including the
Tanach from the JPS. You can also get Calvin (Institutes and commentaries),
the church fathers, Schaff's Church History and many other books in the
format. I say nothing regarding commentaries since generally I don't use
them. The program has a few warts which aren't terribly serious and
hopefully will be addressed in the new version currently labelled "Titus."


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