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Date: Sun May 14 2000 - 09:22:08 EDT

Noel Fitzpatrick schrieb:

> I am considering buying Bible Windows...

> Is it helpful for studying the Greek NT?

Hi Noel,

Interesting question. The ability to conduct grammatical searches with
original-language software might help in your learning Greek more than a
hardcopy (paper) Greek text, lexicon, and concordance would. However,
this "help" only concerns the "natural," exploratory (groping?) approach
to language, and not a structured process of learning.

I note that B-Greeker Rodney Decker, in his "Basic Bibliography for
Greek Students," lists bible software for his second-year Greek students
-- not for first-year.

Having the illusion of making more progress in Greek than one actually
is when using Greek bible software, one can "grow up" using a crutch and
never learn to walk. (At least this is my experience with BibleWorks.)

In his 37-page comparison of Grammcord, BibleWorks, and Logos, Randy
Leedy comments:

"The software does indeed provide a lake of original-language
information, but it provides no life-preserver for those who have lacked
opportunity to learn how to handle themselves in deep water."***

Still, and not in the least because of time savings, you will ultimately
profit greatly by using bible software when working with the text.

> Is it the optimum package available? Is it worth buying?

Randy mentions:

"Bible Windows certainly deserves a closer look, but time and space
constraints prohibit its inclusion in this paper..."***

Two primary and separate factors determine the value of a programs
grammatical search ability: 1) the grammatical tagging systems, and 2)
the search machine, but differences are too complex to discuss in a
post.*** From the reviews (and manufacturers' product descriptions)
I've seen, I would rank these 4 programs so:

        1. Gramcord (Accordance for Mac)
        2. BibleWorks
        3. Bible Windows (original-language work: closer
           to 1 than 4)
        4. Logos

in regards to working with original languages. (Of course, Logos
packages more commentaries and references than the others.) But
actually... each has its strengths and weaknesses, so their ranking
ultimately depends on which details are important to you.

Bible Windows has less modern-language translations than BibleWorks, for
example, but it includes the Intermediate Liddell-Scott Lexicon and
links through the Internet to the Perseus Liddel-Scott-Jones, which is
handy if you intend to do a lot in the LXX.

Best prices I'm aware of (with current dollar exchange)...

Bible Windows :

    Rejoice Christian Software for $160 (137 Punt)
    incl. airmail to Euro.

BibleWorks 3.5 (no Intermediate Liddell-Scott in 3.5) : for $200 (180 Punt)
    plus $_?_ shipping

BibleWorks 4.0 (includes Liddel-Scott and more):

    VTR - Verlag für Theologie und Religionswissenschaft for
    DM518 ($243; 210 Punt) incl. shipping in all of Euro (I assume!?)

Gramcord :

    I think (??) only available direct from Gramcord (price
    varies according to package...):



*** Several months ago, Randy Leedy wrote: "those wishing to receive a
copy [of his review] should email using the subject field
'review doc' for a Word 6.0 version or 'review rtf' for a Rich Text
Format version. Files will be delivered in a .ZIP archive."

D. W. Roe
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

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