Re: Bible Windows - mostly off topic

From: Mark Beatty (
Date: Sun May 14 2000 - 16:57:01 EDT

Followin up on your "off topic" discussion, my related question, for
anyone, concerns my software needs. I need to arrange (and print out)
the text in an interlinear format with perhaps five lines: 1. the
Greek text. 2. a transliteration. 3. parsing 4. my own special codes
5. a translation. Furthermore, I want to be able to do searches based
on my own special codes. Does anyone know of any program that does all
or part of this? I expect that adding my "special codes" is the
trickiest part. I expect the published databases are "closed" meaning
you can not expand them. Does anyone have any experience adding their
own special codes in any database?

Thanks for your help.

Mark Beatty
University of Hawaii

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