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Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 15:43:31 EDT

on 05/17/00 8:00 AM, Joe A. Friberg wrote:

> My own reaction is that this fits the categorical function of the article.
> Nontheless, on the discourse coherence, the ARTOUS topic does seem to
> function to provide thematic coherence, which is likely even more important
> in the construction of the gospels than a strict narrative coherence
> accomplished by an anaphoric reference to the leftovers would be.


Rereading this portion of Mark this morning I noticed that we have another
mention of TOIS ARTOIS in MK 6:52. There is little question that TOIS
ARTOIS in MK 6:52 is co-referential (i.e., shares the same referent) with
TOUS PENTE ARTOUS in Mk 6:41ff. The TOIS ARTOIS in MK 6:52 seems to make
the anaphoric reference of TOUS ARTOUS in Mk 7:2 a more acceptable option.
However your comment about thematic coherence makes a lot of sense and that
approach would also accommodate the TOIS ARTOIS in MK 6:52. I am continuing
to keep this question an open one.

****side issue****
Some of you pastors and teachers may have noted that this issue has very
little "cash value" for preaching or teaching. However, it does have some
value for the exploration of discourse structure in NT Greek narrative. The
general topic of NT narrative discourse structure will have some "cash
value" for preaching or teaching.
*****end of side issue****
> Now this brings up a related question for me: What do we make of the Pres.

Mark's use of the Historical Present is what I would call an *imponderable.
Randall Buth wrote an article** on this topic in the late 70's. I am not
going to attempt to even address the subject since looking through Levinshon
and Porter just now I see that the Historical Present is a very author
specific issue. Mark's use is not Matthews and so on and so forth. Levinshon
and Porter spend very little time discussing Mark's usage and most of their
time looking at Matthew. Perhaps Randall Buth can tell us something about
this? His views may have changed in the last two decades.

Thanks for your thoughts on this. Most welcome.


Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
Three Tree Point
P.O. Box 255 Seahurst WA 98062

**See footnote in S.E. Porter, Idioms page 31.

*From C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength

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