re: Eph 5:33

Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 01:02:50 EDT

qaumasth fialh skwlhkpbrwtwn!

I'm not sure of much of what you are saying here. As I read the passage Paul
is trying to tell his readers that the way they fulfill their obligations to
one another, especially those in close relationships, is that how they treat
each other says lots about how they believe concerning Christ. The marriage
is intended to be a picture of the relationship Christ desires to have with
His church. Men should imitate Christ in what he has done for the church.
Women should find themselves in this loving relationship in the position of
the church. Likewise, the church must accept its position as the bride.

back to the issue, from a psychological point, men choose to love; women
respond to love. Likewise, Jesus chose to love; we love Him because He first
loved us.

enough soap box.
Dale Greenlee

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