Re: Mark 7:2 TOUS ARTOUS

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 06:48:55 EDT

At 12:49 AM -0500 5/18/00, Joe A. Friberg wrote:
>On the subject of thematic coherence/motif of the 'bread' in this
>section of Mk, if I recall, this starts w/ the feeding of the 5000, runs
>through the section we've been discussing, crops up in the Syrophoenician
>woman's meeting with Jesus (7.28-29), runs through the feeding of hte 4000,
>and carries through to the warning against 'leaven of hte Pharisees and
>Herod' (8.15). I may have missed some points in between.
>You are right about what this implies for preaching in this section! What
>might seem to be a dry technical observation actually serves to develop and
>reinforce the themes of a number of pericopes through the interplay of this

Which is to say,it is a LITERARY theme: loaves, crumbs, the Greek words for
which, ARTOI, KLASMATA, KTL., sustain I theme that I have called "the
mystery of the wilderness feedings and feeder." I don't think this is
something that either syntactical analysis nor discourse analysis properly
concerns, unless either one is conceived in very broad terms.


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