Re: Translation: Glossing, Domains, Arguments

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 21:28:37 EDT

on 05/20/00 5:25 PM, Hultberg, Alan wrote:

> Still, unless all you plan to do is read the text to yourself, or
> converse with fluent speakers of the original language, you need in some way
> to translate the ideas of the text to a non-Greek speaking audience. You can
> begin with a translation as formal or functional as you like, but begin
> translating you must.


I think we are talking past one another here.

If you teach a first year Greek student that translating into English is
what studying the NT in Greek is all about you have crippled that student
for life. They will still be doing translation 25 years later and think that
they are working with the Greek text which is really an illusion. What we
are talking about is breaking through that illusion. We want to dispel the
illusion once and for all that building your own personal inter-linear
translation is the same as reading and understanding NT Greek. It is not the
same thing at all. Once you can read NT greek you should stop doing this.
But people do not stop doing it. People who have been reading NT Greek twice
as long as I have are still doing it.

At some point along the way when the question is asked:

"How should this be rendered into English?"

someone needs to answer:

"Wrong Question!"

We have a number of quite adequate English translations of the bible
available. We don't need to have it translated again by everyone who took
three years of Greek in Seminary. A pastor who gets up in the pulpit on
Sunday and says "this ought to be translated so and so" is putting his NT
Greek study to poor use. That in my humble opinion is not the reason we read
the NT in Greek.


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