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Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 15:34:23 EDT

gewrgos egrapsen
>G-Mark's stormy and rough Greek is well known. However, do any list
>see any traces 'classical' elegance in Mark's at 2:19(20)? (The analogy of
>the bridegroom.) If so, are there any other incidents of stylistic
>in the gospel of Mark of which members can inform me?

mk 2.19 reflects a very non-Greek, rabbinic idiom beni Huppa 'sons of the
bridal-canopy/tent'. While throughout history some have wondered in Greek
if these are not best-men, witnessess or officiators, (BAGD: 'the
bridegroom's attendents), the Hebrew idiom was broader: 'the wedding

So, no, I wouldn't talk about classical elegance here. And the following
verse (Mk 2.20) is as tight a Hebrew order as you can get.

However, the distance from 'now, they wouldn't be able...?' to the
complement 'to fast, would they?' is only natural in Greek. Some
restructuring has taken place within Greek transmission of the tradition or
by the evangelists. Mt's word order goes back to Hebrew simply with a minor
heightened temporal specification in the relator EF OSON and a minor
agreement/omission with Luke, LUke's shows a Greek restructuring of a
parallel Hebrew legal tradition [notice EN Wi 'in which' bihyot-' and
POIHSAI 'to do, cause'], and Mark is the most complicated, lengthiest of
all, perhaps reflecting and expanding Luke or his source.

Randall Buth

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