Re: Greek Pedagogy

From: Garland H. Shinn (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 10:57:16 EDT

Michael Hildenbrand wrote:

> The second semester was spent translating the whole gospel of John
> using a textbook printed by the University of Chicago press (wire
> binding-I have forgotten the authors). There were exercises in each
> chapter that had to be completed (learning all kinds of grammatical
> points), but the emphasis was on reading the text.
> Michael Hildenbrand

This was probably The New Testament Greek Workbook by James Arthur
Walther. It used a purely inductive approach in which the students were
given a vocabulary list (no translations) and were required to use a
standard lexicon (BAG recommended) to read the portion of John's Gospel
from which the list was taken. Notes on the accidence of each section of
John were included. The student was to "induce" the grammatical elements
of Greek from John's gospel.

Garland Shinn
Professor of Biblical Languages & Theology
Southern California Bible College & Seminary

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