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Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 13:00:40 EDT

on 05/30/00 12:43 AM, Wieland Willker wrote:

> New International Greek Testament Commentary
> What do you think about this series and about individual titles in
> particular? I am in Germany and have so far not seen any.
> I am especially interested in
> Gospel of Luke by I. Howard Marshall
> The Pastoral Epistles by George W. Knight
> The Epistle to the Hebrews by Paul Ellingworth
> The Book of Revelation by G. K. Beale
> How is the discussion of "the Greek text" done? How extensive is it?


I will answer your last question first. If you are looking for EXSTENSIVE
discussion of NT Greek SYNTAX, this series of books (I own nine of them)
will NOT provide you with extensive discussion. On issues of NT Greek
syntax there will only be a discussion if the author thought the issue was
particularly relevant to the his exposition. If have found the NT Greek
discussion to be a little on the spare side and infrequent at that.

Having said that I am generally pleased with this series but have only used
three or four of the volumes so far.

However I was NOT pleased with I.H. Marshall on Luke. Marshall spends all
his time talking about redaction criticism, source criticism, synoptic
criticism. When I purchase a book on a Gospel I want it to discuss that
Gospel as a canonical and literary unit not spend 90% of the time talking
about sources and redaction and synoptic issues. This of course is a matter
of taste. For the purpose of understanding the book of Luke, I found
Marshall a big disappointment.

G.K Beale's book on the Apocalypse has a lot of useful information in it.
However, in using Beale I have discovered a few rather weak arguments for
some rather dubious readings. I would however purchase the book along with
the D. Aune (WBC) since these are the best recent works in English on the

I have not made extensive use of the other two volumes in your list. I think
the Hebrews volume is a very safe purchase, I don't think you will be
wasting money getting it. On the Pastoral's my impression (I have used it
some) is that Knight did a competent but not a brilliant job on this book.
It is worth owning but will probably not go down in history as a classic.

I assume you wanted honest replies to this question so I have given you


Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
Three Tree Point
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