Re: Glossing and Translation in NIGTC

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 12:55:04 EDT

> Clay wrote:
>> On the series in general, I suspect that the publisher and general editor
>> probably had something to say about the use of Greek and English in this
>> series. My point of comparison for making my previous comments was older
>> works like Sandy & Hedlam (Romans, ICC) where the assumption is that the
>> reader is competent in NT Greek. In the NIGTC series this assumption is not
>> made. These are written for people who still want to use English for the
>> exposition, since all the Greek is translated and in numerous cases the
>> discussion is done from the translation itself not from the Greek.
>> Clay

on 05/31/00 6:44 AM, Bret Hicks wrote:
> I would have to disagree with this assessment. I attempted to use
> Marshall's volume before I had taken Greek and it was almost unuseable
> because he did not translate or even transliterate many of the words and
> phrases he was discussing. This seems to be true of the three volumes
> from the series which I own (Luke; 1-2 Thessalonians and Hebrews). From
> my experience, if you are not competent (or at least able to read Greek
> without constant translation or transliteration) in NT Greek you will
> not find this series of much use.

Bret has provided a good correction to my sweeping and unnuanced statement
about the glossing and translation in NIGTC. I looked in all nine volumes
this morning and found that the tendency to gloss words and translate
phrases varies somewhat from volume to volume. When I wrote my comments I
was looking at Beale's tome which has a great deal of this with the added
point that he seems to be building his argument around these translations.

Even the early works in this series like F.F. Bruce on Galatians and I. H.
Marshall on Luke have glossing and translation through out the commentary
but they do not ALWAYS in every single case translate a NT Greek citation,
so Bret's comments are a good warning to those who cannot read NT Greek that
they may have some trouble using these books.

My previous comments were misleading since I was looking at Beale's book
which does this sort of thing excessively and several other books in the
series do not use as much English as Beale.

Thanks to Bret for calling our attention to the fact that translation and
glossing are needed for some students. He is correct in observing that a
series like the NICNT is more appropriate for people who are still
struggling with NT Greek.


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