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Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 12:56:10 EDT

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>An excellent article " the Brothers and Sisters of the Lord in Ecumenical
>Perspective " by John P. Meier in CBQ 54 (1992) is well worth reading,
>with its outline of the various ( and not always consistent ) positions of
>Jerome ( cousin ) , Ephiphanius ( stepbrother ) and Hegesippus ( literal
>brother ). As regards the approach of Ephiphanius he notes that even as
>reputable a team of authors as Brown et al. who produced "Mary in the New
>Testament" demonstrated confusion between "stepbrother" and "half-brother"
>This material is also developed in chap. 10 of:
>Meier, John P. Jesus the Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus.
>Vol. 1. The Roots of the Problem and the Person. New York: Doubleday, 1991.
>More recently, the topic ( or part of it ) has been re-visited in the
>CBQ, with Dr. Richard Bauckham putting forward qualifications

but I was not able at that time to give details of the Bauckham article and
Meier's reply.

Here are the details:

Richard Bauckham "The Brothers and Sisters of the Lord: an Epiphanian
response to John P. Meier" CBQ 56 (1994) 686-700

John P. Meier "On Retrojecting Later Questions from Later Texts: A Reply to
Richard Bauckham" CBQ 59 ( 1997) 511-27

You might also like to know of Bauckham's book of 1990 " Jude and the
Relatives of Jesus in the Early Church " (Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark)
However, in his reply Meier makes the point that "in both our cases, our
acticles rather than the books present the more advanced stage of our

Given that as distinguished a scholar as Bauckham is prepared to disagree
with Meier on Epiphanian grounds, I can only re-iterate my view that this
whole question is a great deal more nuanced than your posting would suggest.


Maurice A. O'Sullivan [ Bray, Ireland ]

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