From: Roe (d.roe@t-online.de)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 18:33:45 EDT

Greetings B-Greekers,

Please pardon a short explanation of the theologically-driven curiosity
of the Greek language in Romans... :-)

I see the "wretched man" of Romans 7:24 as one who is unable to achieve
that which he (alone) attempts. It appears in chapter 8:4 that his
freedom from his "wretched" situation is at least accompanied by the
ability to achieve what he had been unable to achieve in chapter 7, and
this due to the help of the Spirit.

My question:

Does TALAIPWROS favor the understanding that his "wretchedness" entailed
his frustration (at being unable to achieve that for which he
struggles)? I am assuming this partially because I would have expected
Paul to say, perhaps, hAMARTWLOS rather than TALAIPWROS if he had
referred to his sinfulness...



D. W. Roe
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

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