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If I recall correctly, this is almost exactly what Krister Stendal argues
in his book: Paul Among Jews and Gentiles and Other Essays

On 06/02/00, ""Jeffrey B. Gibson" <>" wrote:

> In the light of this, I wonder if it is not important to note two things in
> interpreting what Paul is trying to express:

> 1. Contrary to the Reformation view of Paul as one plagued by an introspective
> conscience, Paul does not seem to have been plagued by a sense of "wretchedness" --
> or at least a wretchedness grounded in a view that he was by nature a "sinner" and/or
> ontically (sp?) undeserving of God's graciousness.

> 2. the only thing Paul ever expresses "guilt" over is his having persecuted the
> church.

> So while the expression in question seems odd IF Paul is intent here to say something
> about the "human condition" and the universal need for forgiveness, it is entirely
> appropriate if what Paul is up to here is to show how a certain sort of Zeal for the
> Law -- i.e., that which he himself was intent to embody before he was turned around
> by his "call experience", and of which he, like the Zealots, though God approved --
> actually is not God's way and, if followed, leads, as it did him in his persecution of
> the church, to a rejection of God's ways.

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