From: Emory Pitts (
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 20:06:45 EDT

John 8:24

Below is the translation of this verse as it appears in the NET Bible:

Thus I told you that you will die in your sin.*
For unless you believe that I am the Christ,
you will die in your sins.”

Notice this footnote for “sin” in the NET Bible:

*The expression EN THi hMARTIAi hUMWN APOQANEISQE is found in the LXX at
Ezek 3:18 and Prov 24:9. Note the singular of hMARTIAi (the plural occurs
later in v. 24).

My friend gave me his old United Bible Society Edition 3, and I also have a

Neither of these Greek texts confirms the use of a singular here.

I also noted that neither of these Greek texts have hO CRISTOS after EGO

What does this mean?

Thank you,

Mark Wilson

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