Re: hHGEOMAI - 'esteem' without attributive

From: Roe (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 08:21:00 EDT

Hi Carl,

Accepting your opinion that hHGEOMAI alone has a sense of "to deem"
rather than "to esteem", I had written:

> >But without a predicate or other modifying word, it seems
> >that this would make no more sense than:
> >"Remember those who were deemed by you..."

To which you responded:

> hHGEOMAI is a middle-voice word and I don't think you'll
> ever find it bearing a passive sense (but I'm currently in
> Missouri and waiting to be shown!).

What about (per Perseus) in Herodotus' Histories (3.14.6):

(...and perceived that his son was being led out to die,)

If it can be used in the passive sense of "being led" why not of "being

Though again, if, as you have mentioned, the word does not carry a sense
of "esteeming" -- but instead of "deeming" -- then "being deemed"
(without a modifying word) also would not work...


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