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on 06/03/00 5:54 AM, André de Castro Righi Rodrigues wrote:

> In Matthew 5.32 -
> Can we consider MOIKEIA a kind of PORNEIA ?
> PORNEIA only occurs outside marriage, with singles or a MOIKEIA is a kind of


There has been a lot of talk about PORNEIA on this list. You may want to
check the archives.

PORNIA in Louw & Nida
> to engage in sexual immorality of any kind, often with the implication of
> prostitution ‹ Œto engage in illicit sex, to commit fornication, sexual
> immorality, fornication, prostitution.¹

PORNEIA is a broad term including a number of different kinds of sexual
behavior. For example ritual prostitution would fall under the scope of
activities called PORNEIA. According to Louw & Nida MOIKEIA is a narrow term
which is determined exclusively by the marital status of the woman. A
married woman engaging in sexual relations with anyone other than her
husband or a man engaging in sexual relations with a married woman who is
not his wife. Herod keeping his brother's wife would be a case of MOIKEIA.

When both of these words show up in lists of vices like Mark 7:22 we should
assume that the intended referent of PORNEIA is different than MOIKEIA.

In Matt 5:32 the so called exclusion clause PAREKTOS LOGOU PORNEIAS may
refer to a broad range of sexual misconduct. This is more of a historical
cultural question than a lexical question. Jesus was correcting an abuse of
the contemporary culture where wives were dumped for trivial reasons. This
exclusion clause is much more stringent the the current practice.

And now to answer your question.

 I would say that in Matt 5:32 PORNEIA probably includes MOIKEIA within its
scope but I would not limit it to MOIKEIA.

This is not a great answer. My knowledge of the historical cultural issues
bearing on this question is quite limited so I hope some one else will give
you some help with that.


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