Re: What is the correct pronunciation of Pseudepigrapha?

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Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 07:07:26 EDT

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>To all of the B-Greeks:
>Since I am recently joined to this group, I have not yet begun my study, but
>came across a Greek word in some material I am working on for my Sunday
>School class. We are doing a study on "Is the Bible the inherent Word of
>God", "How was the Word written down"?, etc. I printed out some material
>from MSN.Encarta. And in my reading came across this word "Pseudepigrapha".
>I have the meaning, but do not know the correct way to pronounce same. I
>would like some help so I can read it properly same to my class on Sunday.
>I am pronouncing it as su di pi grafa, I know I am probably not even close,
>but would appreciate any input. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


(the ruh and fuh elements are pronounced just like the duh element... and
that element sounds like the word that the kids use these days when an adult
says something obvious... i.e., Rachel (my daughters name), your room needs
to be cleaned- it looks like a sty... to which she replies "well duh... im 13".

(actually she wouldnt say that-- im just trying to provide an example-
please dont tell her I mentioned her onlist; she would be furious... DUH! )

Jim (gym)



" The righteous man looks after his own soul, and the bodies of others,
whereas the hypocrite looks after his own body, and the souls of others"
Rabbi Lionel Blue

Jim West, ThD

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