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<div>At 3:30 PM +0200 6/10/00, Kevin Smith wrote:</div>
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<blockquote type="cite" cite><font size="-1">Is OINOS is used as a
generic term for &quot;alcohol&quot; in the NT? Did they drink other
kinds of alcohol; if so, what words were used for
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<blockquote type="cite" cite><font size="-1">Kevin
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<div>There was a considerable string on this question in April of
1988 (April 14-22), and unfortunately that falls within one of a
couple sizable lacunae in our on-line archives. I can probably supply
the thread as a long text-file to you, Kevin. One of the intriguing
elements in that thread was Ward Powers' endeavor to demonstrate that
OINOS was used of unfermented grape juice, a proposition of which
some may have been persuaded.</div>

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