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From: Noel Fitzpatrick (
Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 13:09:15 EDT

Dear Colleagues,

have been intrigued by the discussion re: 'I Need held'. I agree that this list is
the ideal place to get help, and I want to thank all those who, on and off the list,
helped me with my recent query. I also agree that the best way to make
progress is 'read, read read'.

However there are some very useful www sites for help in starting Greek. The
'Little Greek' lessons and the Perseus NT sites I find useful.

The books I find best, at present, are 'Learn NT Greek' by JH Dobson, 'Lexical
Aids for Students of NT Greek' by BM Metzger and 'A Grammatical Analysis of
the Greek NT' by M Zerwick and M Grosvenor.

I find the CD 'Basics of Biblical Greek' (W Mounce) one of the best tools, since
it contains very clear guides to pronunciation, as does the 'Little Greek'
lessons. However are the American, Belfast and Dublin accents different when
pronouncing Greek?

Pronunciation is a problem for me. Should zeta be pronounced z or dz? (Is z
zed or zee?). Similarly should xi be pronounced ks or x (as in xylophone)?
Should EU be as in 'few' or as E-d in Edward. Is EI as in eight (mostly
recommende) or as in 'either', or will either do? Is iota ee-ota or ih-ota? Is I as
in 'lit' or' 'feet'? Presumably psi is pronounced as in tops, and the pronunciation
of pseudepigraphia (starting with SU...) is considering it as an English word.
Should U be pronounced as in French, German or just as u in put. Then of
course Emic Koine is another story altogether.

The reference Grammar I use is Moulton's. Is there something significant that
the names of Moulton, Metzger and Mounce all begin with M and that both
Mounce's and Moulton's fathers were scholars and writers?

I wish all of us everything that is best this Pentecost.

Noel J Fitzpatrick
Chemistry Department, University College Dublin
Telephone: 353 1 706 2283 (direct)
                  353 1 706 2495 (department)
Fax: 353 1 706 2127

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