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>I would venture to guess that many might offer an occurrence
>of non-alcoholic OINOS in Paul's admonishment to Timothy to
>take a bit of OINOS for whatever it was that was bothering
>his stomach. The intent not being for Tim to sneak a nip now
>and again, but to partake of this OINOS for stomach ailment.

OTOH, wine drank BEFORE a meal is often beneficial for some.
I can think of no OT or NT occurrence of OINOS that would indicate a nonalcoho
lic grape juice. Let us reason here; fermentation was a way to preserve the
juice of ripened grapes. Grapes only ripen once a year and grape juice wasn't
frozen, canned, bottled, preserve with chemicals or in any other way I know
of other than with alcohol produced by fermentation in the first century.
Part of the miracle at Cana would be lost in understanding the water to be
turned into just juice. First, we have the statement "the steward called the
bridegroom and said to him, “Everyone serves the good wine first, and then
the inferior wine after the guests have become drunk. But you have kept the
good wine until now.” "Drunk" is the verb MEQUW and it means intoxicated.
That Jesus could turn water into grape juice is a miracle; that he could turn
water into wine, a lengthy process, outstanding!
I have to wonder if an anti-alcohol bias is at the base of some of those
claiming OINOS can mean unfermented grape juice.
Dimitri Grekoff

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