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From: l. j. swain (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 18:47:18 EDT

Ben Crick wrote:
> On Tue 13 Jun 2000 (08:48:29), wrote:
> > I believe that it was possible (as it is now, of course), to
> > refrigerate grape juice in a running stream. This is not intended as
> > confirming or denying grape juice vs wine, only offered as something to
> > consider.
> The Roman Emperor had an ice house constructed, which was packed with ice
> and snow hauled down from the top of Vesuvius (?) during the winter. A small
> insulated door gave access to the centre of the ice mass, where containers
> of ice-cream mixture were left to freeze. Summer fruits could also be
> preserved there. But this was strictly for the Emperor and his honoured
> guests. No favours to the general public!
> Since then, Italian ice-cream has become a byword for excellence!
> Ben
> --

Quite right, but the Roman Emperor had a few more resources to hand than
the average peasent walking around Palestine "with no where to lay his

Larry Swain

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