Re: Wine

From: David Luckensmeyer (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 21:32:19 EDT

Jim West wrote:

>the whole notion arises because some think it wrong to put a slathering of
>wine on the tea-totalling lips of jesus. so, in an efort to remove the
>vine from the blessed saviour's sacred lips, the wine is turned into water
>(in a sense). to support this really incredible and impossible
>exegesis has to make oinos into grapejuice whilst oinou remains wine.
>if i recall the argument correctly, in the nominative the word means juice
>and in the genitive it means wine (or vice versa).
>such gymnastics betray a woeful and unlearned attitude towards first
>palestinian life.

These are exactly the sort of statements for which others on this list get
in trouble. Rather than deal directly with the text, it seems that the
discussion has degenerated to sarcastic attacks upon theological


David Luckensmeyer, BSc, BA (Hons)
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Department of Studies in Religion
University of Queensland

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