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For what it's worth, here's the Perseus LSJ entry for OINOS.

One should note that there is nothing here which indicates that OINOS
was used to mean grape juice. Indeed, when when looks at the fact that
when one wanted to refer to any other fermented beverage, OINOS is part
of the detonating expression (see def 2), one wonders whether OINOS
could **ever** have been thought to connote non alchoholic juice.


Jeffrey Gibson

oinos, ho, wine, melas oi. (cf. oinops ) Hom. Od. 5.265,au=Hom. Od.
9.196 ; eruthros au=Hom. Od. 5.165, au=Hom. Od. 9.163 ; aithops
Hom. Il. 1.462, au=Hom. Il. 4.259 ; hędus Hom. Od. 2.349,au=Hom. Od.
9.204 ; hędupotos au=Hom. Od. 15.507 ; meliędęs Hom. Il. 4.346, al. ;
meliphrôn au=Hom. Il. 6.264 ; palaios Hom. Od. 2.340, Pind. O. 9.48, cf.

Simon.75 ; oinous palaious euôdeis Xen. Anab. 4.4.9 ; eüphrôn Hom. Il.
3.246 ; euęnôr Hom. Od. 4.622 ; oinon emisgon eni krętęrsi kai hudôr
au=Hom. Od. 1.110 : with Preps., en oinôi over one's cups, Aristoph.
Lys. 1227, Call.Epigr.23.8 ; par' oinôi Soph. OT 780 ; par' oinon
Plu.2.143d ; meta paidias kai oi. Thuc. 6.28 : also in pl., hę en tois
diatribę Plat. Laws 641c, au=Plat. Laws 645c ; ep' oinois
Pherecr.153.9 : pl. also, oinoi, wines, X.l.c., Plat. Rep. 573a,al. ;
dôdekadrachmos wine at au=Plat. Rep. 573a12=lr drachmae the cask,
Dem. 42.20 : prov., oi. tôi phronein episkotei Eub.135 ; oinos kai
alathea (v. alętheia ), in vino veritas, Alc.57, Theoc.29.1 ; oinos . .
alęthęs Plat. Sym. 217e ; oinôi ton oi. exelaunein 'to take a hair of
dog that bit you', Antiph.300.1 : oinos is.freq. omitted, pinein polun
oinon) Eur. Cycl. 569, Theoc.18.11 ; esp. with names of places,
Thasios, Chios, etc., Eub.124,au=Eub. 125,au=Eub. 126 : resin was
used as a preservative, pissitęs oi. Plu.2.676c.

2. fermented juice of other kinds, oinos ek kritheôn pepoięmenos
barley wine, a kind of beer, Hdt. 2.77 ; oi. phoinikęďos palm-wine,
IBID=au=Hdt. 2.86=lr, cf. au=Hdt. 1.193 ; lotus-wine, IDEM=Hdt. 4.177,
etc. ; from which drinks grape-wine (oi. ampelinos) is expressly distd.,

IDEM=Hdt. 2.60.

                     II. the wine-market, trech' es ton oi. Ar. Fr.299.

                     III. name of Dionysus, Orph.Fr.216. (Woinos
                     Leg.Gort. 10.39,
                     Inscr.Cypr.148H. ; cf. Lat. vinum.

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