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Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 21:56:32 EDT

Everything that I have seen by Zodhiates strikes me as rather middle-range
in terms of scholarship, strong on (evangelical) zeal but not so strong as
BADG and others on the highest levels of scholarship. I'm rather sure he is
a native speaker of Modern Greek, so he does have that advantage.

Glen, if you have the opportunity to keep/use the book for free, carpe diem
(or even sieze the book!). I don't think you would learn anything
particularly "wrong" from Zodhihates, and it just might be that his approach
would be pedagogically more helpful to some Little Greeks or Very Little
Greeks, and that is no put-down of any kind.

When I am in Christian bookstores, I have bypassed purchasing anything by
Zodhiates even though I am an evangelical myself. I prefer to have on my
bookshelves BADG, Blass and DeBrunner, Wallace, Louw and Nida, and similar
scholars because I want to have the most reliable scholarship possible in my

FWIW, (Kenneth) Wuest was, IMO, in a similar category with Zodhiates. Strong
on zeal and clearly devoted to his teaching of Koine Greek at his Bible
school (my alma mater), but I miss the sense of being connected to the
strongest kinds of Greek scholarship.

Perhaps the bottom line on these questions is, to some extent, "different
strokes for different folks." Some people may be able to pick up some Greek
more easily from someone who writes and speaks a dialect (jargon) different
from that of more recognized Greek scholars.

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