Wine beyond Moderation (pun intended)

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 06:50:31 EDT

While I had my doubts at the outset that this topic would generate much
light, it was clearly of sufficient interest to enough list-members to give
it a run, especially considering the fact that the last go-round on the
topic in April 1998 is not available for general review in the archives
(it's in one of the two lacunae in our existing archives). I have made
available to those requesting it a text file of that April 1998 thread and
five persons have thus far asked for it; the offer still stands, but that
thread, like the present one, is by no means conclusive on the issues
raised: QUOT HOMINES TOT SENTENTIAE, which, being interpreted, means that
opinions, like tastes, differ according to the individual.

If it is true that Jim West's comments are themselves somewhat intemperate,
nevertheless the factors sustaining the thread have in several instances
seemed--to me, at least--somewhat bizarre, and of questionable association
EITHER with theology OR with authentic concern for what specific texts mean
or imply.

I would urge therefore that it's time to "sober up"--MH MEQUSKESQAI POLLWI
OINWi was the expression I think. LET'S CALL THIS THREAD TO A HALT!

At 11:32 AM +1000 6/14/00, David Luckensmeyer wrote:
>Jim West wrote:
>>the whole notion arises because some think it wrong to put a slathering of
>>wine on the tea-totalling lips of jesus. so, in an efort to remove the
>>vine from the blessed saviour's sacred lips, the wine is turned into water
>>(in a sense). to support this really incredible and impossible
>>exegesis has to make oinos into grapejuice whilst oinou remains wine.
>>if i recall the argument correctly, in the nominative the word means juice
>>and in the genitive it means wine (or vice versa).
>>such gymnastics betray a woeful and unlearned attitude towards first
>>palestinian life.
>These are exactly the sort of statements for which others on this list get
>in trouble. Rather than deal directly with the text, it seems that the
>discussion has degenerated to sarcastic attacks upon theological

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