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Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 07:33:16 EDT

Re : DIA Gal 2/1

Gal ch 1 and 2
1/15: OTE
1/21 EPEITA...

DIA+ GEN = at the distance of , after an interval of, at the end of -
" Then, at the end of fourteen years, I went up again to Jerusalem...
and I went up by revelation" Gal 2 , 1-2.

Fourteen years : count from OTE and the conversion of Paul (but not
from EPEITA META and his coming in Jerusalem)
Fourteen years : 7 years x 2 = > the second sabbatical year after the
conversion, Paul returned to Jerusalem by revelation.
In another Epistle he said:
" I know a man in Christ from (PRO) fourteen years - whether in the
body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God
knoweth - such an one caught up to the third heaven" 2 Co 12/2.

This "man in Christ " was a christian man : he had been baptized
fourteen years ago. As christian he was only fourteen years old and he
received a new revelation.
The preposition pro + gen = since or from. cf.Plut.: PRO ENIAUTOU =
from one year.

Fourteen years in Gal and 2 Co represent the same chronological mark
separating two interventions of the Holy Spirit in his life: the
conversion on the road to Damascus, and fourteen years later the ecstasy
following which he returned to Jerusalem bringing helps for the
community suffering from the famine which occurred near 48 ; 47-48 was
a sabbatical year. Barnabé and Paul's ascent to Jerusalem was at the
origin of the first conciliar assembly.
Gal 1 and 2 Co allow to advance the following datings:
- the conversion of Paul during the sabbatical year 33-34;
- fourteen years later (DIA), during the sabbatical year 47-48, Paul on
a revélation, returned to Jerusalem.

Sylva Abilene

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