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Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 13:10:20 EDT

<x-flowed>At 04:39 PM 000612 -0400, Jim West wrote:

>the whole notion arises because some think it wrong to put a slathering of
>wine on the tea-totalling lips of jesus. so, in an efort to remove the vile
>vine from the blessed saviour's sacred lips, the wine is turned into water
>(in a sense).

I am indeed one of those who is of the opinion that there is no evidence
that Jesus ever drank alcoholic wine. Perhaps he did so: I am not in a
position to affirm that he did not. (One cannot prove such a negative.) But
I affirm that there is no evidence that he did. So I am one of those to
whom Jim West, in his usual vigorous language, is referring.

>to support this really incredible and impossible supposition,

I accept that my position on OINOS is considered by Jim to be incredible
and impossible.

>exegesis has to make oinos into grapejuice whilst oinou remains wine. i.e.,
>if i recall the argument correctly, in the nominative the word means juice
>and in the genitive it means wine (or vice versa).
>such gymnastics

I do not hold such a view. Indeed, I know nothing of "such gymnastics" -
this is the first I have heard of it.

>betray a woeful and unlearned attitude towards first century
>palestinian life.

I have sought to research this issue in an objective, academic and (dare I
even say it) learned manner. I am well aware that others who have looked
into the evidence have reached conclusions from that evidence which differ
from mine. When I have looked at their positions, and the evidence with
which they support them, I have not been persuaded by such evidence to
abandon my own conclusions.

In my answers to the questions which other list members have raised, I have
sought to present something of a summary of what has lead me to my
understanding of the area of meaning of OINOS.

I must leave it to others to judge whether the position to which I have
been led about this matter (I would say, by the evidence) is to be
categorized as "a woeful and unlearned attitude towards first century
palestinian life".



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