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<x-flowed>B-greekers all:

Last Monday I ventured to post to the list a clarification of a reference
which Carl had made to my understanding of the scope of the meaning of OINOS.

Since then, at last count, there have been some two dozen postings to the
list, of varying degrees of relevance, under the headings of OINOS (the
original thread heading, from the initial query from Kevin Smith), "WINE",
and "OK, what about grape juice?"

I have been tied up with College responsibilities and have not been able to
respond earlier. Quite a lot can happen on this list in just three days!

At 11:26 AM 000612 -02-30, George Young wrote:
>B. Ward Powers wrote:
>[SNIP quote from my post]

>I'm just curious, but when/where exactly in the Bible does OINOS refer to
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One of the OT Hebrew words which is usually translated OINOS is TIROSH.
This word occurs in Isaiah 65:8: "As the *wine* is found in the cluster
..." (NRSV). In my copy of the LXX this word TIROSH is not rendered by
OINOS on this occasion, but it illustrates that TIROSH can refer to
unfermented grapejuice: here the juice while still in the grape is called

In Micah 6:15 we read that "you shall tread olives and not anoint
yourselves with oil; you shall tread grapes, but not drink wine" (NRSV).
The LXX has here
KAI OINON, KAI OU MH PIHTE: i.e. (more literally), "you shall tread olives
... and wine, but not drink [it]." Here the word OINON refers to the
unfermented grapejuice which is pressed from the grapes.

In Mt 9:17//Mk 2:22//Lk 5:37 Jesus refers to putting new wine, not into old
wineskins, but into new (fresh) wineskins. What is being put into the old
or new wineskins is called OINOS. I would think it is clear that when it is
put in it is unfermented, and it is the fermentation which occurs in the
skin which will burst the old wineskins.

I will aim to reply also to other contributions to the list which were in
response to my post.



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