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Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 14:15:30 EDT

on 06/15/00 10:48 AM, Kevin W. Woodruff wrote:

> The standard grammar of the LXX is by F. C. Conybeare and St.
> George Stock is called _Grammar of Septuagint Greek_. It's been reprinted by
> Hendrickson.

This work is what I would call a grammar by exception. Conybeare & Stock
assume that you know Attic and Koine grammar and proceed to show you how the
grammar of the LXX differs from these. Grammar by exception is a method of
presentation which is quite common in older works on biblical Greek. I have
always considered BDF to be one of these and there are a number of first
year grammars dating from early 20th century and earlier which take this

The authors of these works assumed that any one who made it into college
would already have a good foundation in Attic Greek. My niece who is
graduating next week "top of her class" from a large public high school
needs a lot of help constructing a paragraph in her native language. So you
see we have come a long way since 1900.


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