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To a certain extent, Machen is the same way

At 11:15 AM 6/15/2000 -0700, clayton stirling bartholomew wrote:
>on 06/15/00 10:48 AM, Kevin W. Woodruff wrote:
>> The standard grammar of the LXX is by F. C. Conybeare and St.
>> George Stock is called _Grammar of Septuagint Greek_. It's been reprinted by
>> Hendrickson.
>This work is what I would call a grammar by exception. Conybeare & Stock
>assume that you know Attic and Koine grammar and proceed to show you how the
>grammar of the LXX differs from these. Grammar by exception is a method of
>presentation which is quite common in older works on biblical Greek. I have
>always considered BDF to be one of these and there are a number of first
>year grammars dating from early 20th century and earlier which take this
>The authors of these works assumed that any one who made it into college
>would already have a good foundation in Attic Greek. My niece who is
>graduating next week "top of her class" from a large public high school
>needs a lot of help constructing a paragraph in her native language. So you
>see we have come a long way since 1900.
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