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From: Pete Slevin (peteslev@splus.net)
Date: Tue Jun 15 1999 - 20:51:46 EDT

>From Pete Slevin, Bethany Beach, DE peteslev@splus.net
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    Randall, thanks so much for the prompt delivery of the demo CD. I love the audio
part and can see immediately, at least for myself, the value of a pronunciation that one
can use to 'relate' to a language and make it part of ones self. Just one request: I'm
suggesting that as a teacher you take into consideration the slower 'synapses' of this
elderly student. Could you find time to make up a vowel/consonant for sound sheet such
as we all have been used to in the study of languages. I suspect that if I work at it long
enough, listening to the CD, referring back to the pages, I'll eventually get it. But it
would be nice to have an 'idiot proof', if such there be, sheet of equivalents that would arm
me with what to expect as I listen to the audio. For instance, if it were not for my previous
knowledge of how Modern Greek handles Upsilon in certain combinations, it would have
taken me a while to admit that I was hearing what I was hearing. Please see this as a
request for patience with a student that sometimes needs very concrete presentations in
order to move on to the next step. Again, I am impressed with the notion of having a
way of vocalizing the language that will encourage the reader to internalize the content of
the Gospels. Frankly, I cannot say adequately what this means to me. Thanks, Pete

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