[b-greek] beginner's question

From: wcdjones (wcdjones@pilot.infi.net)
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 14:01:11 EDT

Hello. I've wandered into this fascinating world of b-Greek, and I'm
having a wonderful time lurking as a rank beginner. Do new members
of b-Greek introduce themselves? I am a community college history
who's beginning seminary part-time at Union TS in Richmond VA in
the fall (although I'm not Presbyterian), and I'm arrived so far at
the equivalent of two semesters of Greek so that I can enroll in
NT. I've been studying with a tutor. But I have two questions
for the collected wise folk of this list. I suspect they will be
easy ones for you, and I'm looking forward to your explanations
as well as your answers.

If I were to try to say in Koiné something like "The love of God
and the love of learning are very nearly the same thing," how,
first of all, would I say The love of God? When that phrase
occurs in the NT it seems invariably to be hH AGAPH TOU
QEOU, but when the genitive is used like that, surely it refers to
God's love, not somebody loving God. Right? If you meant
to say that the speaker is loving God, wouldn't you put "God"
in the dative? Or would it be accusative? The thing being
acted upon, rather than the possessor of the action.

OR, how about instead, using a nice infinitive?
AGAPAN TON QEON (do I have that infinitive right?)

Except in that case, because the accusative signals the subject
of an infinitive clause, might not AGAPAN TON QEON
once again suggest that God is doing the loving, instead of
being the one loved?

Well, that was the first question.

The second question, is what verb to use in my sentence?
SUNEGGIZW and PROSEGGIZW both seem to have
to do with time and space, which disqualifies them.

Thanks for your thoughts, and a good and quiet Saturday
afternoon to you all. Apolgies if I've violated any norms of
this list--I'm a newcomer, y'know.

Connie Jones
Norfolk, Virginia

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