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From: wcdjones (wcdjones@pilot.infi.net)
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 21:29:59 EDT

Well, I guess the newbies have to be screened, as my earlier
message hasn't come through, but I have another question
for you experts, and maybe it'll pass muster.

I have a lexicon that I use heavily, and treasure greatly. But
it has no date of publication, and my curiosity as to its vintage
has risen, and I wonder if anyone can place it.

It's published by Harper and Brothers, no date, and it's called
The Analytical Greek Lexicon: Consisting of an alphabetical
arrangement of every occurring inflexion of every word contained
in the Greek New Testament Scriptures with a grammatical
analysis of each word, and lexicographical illustration of the
meanings. A Complete Series of Paradigms, with Grammatical
remarks and explanations.

You could get arrested these days for a book title that long.

That's all that identifies it. Anybody know its details? (The
reason I love it so much is not only that I have become comfortable
with the way it's arranged, etc., but also that I accidentally
acquired it, and then discovered that it had belonged to the
bishop who recommended that I enter the priesthood,
back when he was in seminary!)

Connie Jones
Norfolk, Virginia

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