[b-greek] Re: Analytical Greek lexicon

From: Frank W. Hughes (fwhughes@sunbeach.net)
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 09:26:27 EDT

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I would really recommend not having <u>The Analytical Greek Lexicon</u>
or an interlinear Greek NT (a "pony") anywhere in your house until you've
learned Greek.&nbsp; Then if you get stumped on a form, look at an excellent
grammar like Mounce or Smyth or Mounce's <u>Morphology</u> book.&nbsp;
Particularly useful is Smyth's list of verbs with their principal parts.
<p>I've owned the <u>Analytical</u> for years but never ever use it.&nbsp;
I give NT Greek exams and students must use a lexicon like Bauer for the
translation part, but I never allow the <u>Analytical</u>.
<p>All best,
<br>Frank W. Hughes
<br>Codrington College


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