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From: Don Myers (dmyers@rmci.net)
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 14:46:07 EDT

Is Greek Tutor by Parsons and who makes Greek Master?

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***I sent Wayne an e-mail direct, but am sending it to the group also for
anyone else who might be interested.***

Dear Wayne:
Hi, I am also attempting to learn N.T. Greek on my own this summer. I
have found several things that are helping me.
        1. Greek Tutor: The best investment I ever made to help learn greek. It
pronounces any greek word you click on, has quizes, and many different
ways to help the information to sink in. It also comes with flash cards
to help memorize the material when you are away from the computer. It is
very comphrehensive and thorough. ( by the way, I have found:
www.rejoicesoftware.com to have the best prices on software). More info
on GreekTutor can be found at:
015 (But remember, rejoice is cheaper)

        2. GreekMaster: Greekmaster includes the NT in greek, strongs numbers,
and the NASB. (so you can see the greek in interlinear format). Greek
Tutor is much more "lesson" or teaching orientated. GreekMaster allows
you to listen to any verse(s) in the NT. The author pronounces each word
and the program allows different settings. The program mainly helps in
learning to pronounce and read greek faster.

        3. As far as other products, www.teknia has some teaching products.
Mounce has out a very good text on teaching greek called "basics of
biblical greek." You can purchase a workbook that goes with it
seperately. The book I believe now comes with a cd in the back that has
a greek flash card type program on it. He also has an 18 cassette tape
collection of the author teaching through the NT which covers the
material in His book.

        I have look at several other things but the above are what I am using.
If you were to purchase just one.....It would absolutely have to be
"GreekTutor." It really includes everything that you need to learn the
Greek NT. If you have any questions just e-mail me. In Christ
Matthew Friend
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