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Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 10:24:42 EDT

In a message dated 6/29/00 2:14:23 PM, da_sp@yahoo.com writes:

>Hi Everyone.
>I´m new to your list.
>I would like to learn Koine Greek.
>COuld somebody point me in the right direction?
>As i live in México, material is difficult to come by due to the fact that
>it is not commercial.
>Any ideas?
>Thanks in advance,
>David Salazar

David, welcome to the list. I'll let others steer you to on-line resources
(and I would encourage you to look at the B-Greek archives for discussions on
such resources, including on-line Greek courses). For printed material, I
know that several resources such as grammars, dictionaries, etc., are
available in Spanish (I used them when teaching in Colombia). These
resources are limited and are mostly translated books, etc., but they would
still provide a good starting point. You should inquire about the publishing
houses for Spanish theological literature (for example, the Casa Bautista de
Publicaciones has a basic grammar and some other grammar and dictionary
references) at a local seminary or theological college. If you have trouble
finding this info, let me know and I'll be glad to help.


Bill Warren
Director of the Center for New Testament Textual Studies
Landrum P. Leavell, II, Professor of New Testament and Greek
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

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