[b-greek] Re: abs prices

From: Roe (d.roe@t-online.de)
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 09:40:13 EDT

Eric Weiss schrieb:
> Whoops! I just looked at the American Bible Society site, and it looks
> like prices have jumped 30% or more - e.g., NA-27 is now $36.99; UBS-4
> with English dictionary is now $43.99; the Greek-English Synopsis is
> $119.99.

Hi Eric and list,

About a month ago I noticed that the UBS-4 without dictionary was listed
at the same price as the UBS-4 WITH dictionary. I then called and was
assured that it was still to be had for $22.99, and that they were
having problems with their website...

I just now called (800-32-BIBLE) and was told that both the NA-27 and
the UBS-4 (without dictionary) have a price of $22.99

The representative was not certain whether the website pricing is in
error, or whether the price is higher "ordering that way"... (unlikely).

I think the problem may be with their webmaster or their (out-sourced?)
payment system...


D.W. Roe
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

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