[b-greek] Re: Listening to the Text

From: yochanan bitan-buth (ButhFam@compuserve.com)
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 08:56:56 EDT

Thank you Clay and Maurice for the reference to the following work.

>>Has anyone read this book?
>>Harvey, John D, Listening to the Text: Oral Patterning in Paul's Letters,
>>Baker 1998
>There's a RBL review available on:

The review is quite positive and I will look forward to reading the book
sometime in the future.
For 'discourse-grammarians', this sounds like analysis carried out on a
broader level than syntactic 'discourse analysis', that is, more on a
"macro-discourse" level.

Anothyer note, because of the discussion on Koine pronunciation last month:

As one might assume, the 'listening' appears to refer to a strategy of
communication that was based on spoken communication. However, the "oral
patterning" appears to refer to the rhetorical (written) macro-structures
and does not relate to Koine sound patterns. That is, the book apparently
doesn't go into tiny details like the LOIPOS // LUPOS example we had on
list two months ago, but deals with larger questions like kinds and
patterns of repetition and of rhetorical questions. (based on
abstract/review) This should complement other monographs on the Greek
letter form and Pauline style.

In this sense, 'listening to the text' becomes a metaphor/double-entendre,
and a nice one at that.

Randall Buth

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