[b-greek] Re: keklhsetai in Hos 12.1

From: Carlton Winbery (winberyc@speedgate.net)
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 15:44:55 EDT

Mike Sangrey answered:

>"Maurice A. O'Sullivan" <mauros@iol.ie> said:
>> Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox's Overview of Greek Syntax where you will see:
>> >>> Future Perfect
>> The future perfect expresses future time and completed aspect.
>> Uses:
>> Specific Future Perfect: The future perfect denotes a completed
>> action in some future time. Smyth 1955
>> H QURA KEKLHSETAI the door will be kept shut Aristoph. Lys. 1071
>Can someone explain what Porter would (or does) say regarding the future
>perfect? Is it any different than the above?

I don't have Porter at hand, but something looks a little screwy here. "the
door will be kept *shut*. This obviously does not come from KALEW but
KLEIW, "to shut". It is possible that the EI has been changed to H. The
perfect passive should be KEKLEISTAI (adds epenthetic S) and the future
perfect passive would be KEKLEISETAI.

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