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From: David M. Scholer (dscholer@fuller.edu)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 20:04:07 EDT

I have appreciated the discussion the last three days of historical novels
portraying the New Testament period and events. I have two comments.

Although not related to the New Testament per se, the novels (now eleven) of
Lindsey Davis are all set in the AD 60s-70s in the Roman Empire. I find
them very fine portrayals of the social-cultural life at the time of the
rise of the early church. They are mysteries, which feature a detective
(informer) named Marcus Didius Falco. He is of the lower class, but his
"girl friend," Helena, is the daughter of a senator, so the novels portray
the range of social life. I think her first novel is *Silver Pigs;* the
tenth is *Two for the Lions;* I do not have the other titles immediately at

Although probably not at all secure in terms of accurate historical
information, I would add the following novels on Paul to those already

Berstl, Julius. The Tentmaker (1952; originally in German).
Blythe, LeGette. Man on Fire (1964).
Henry, Lyman I. Paul, Son of Kish 1923; published by the University of
Chicago Press).
Neilson, Winthrop and Frances. That Lydian Woman (1975).
Neilson, Winthrop and Frances. The Woman Who Loved Paul (1978; Priscilla).
Stechan, H. O. The Great Apostle (1930; actually, this is a play).

Someone has already mentioned Milton Steiberg's *As a Driven Leaf.* I
simply want to say that I enjoyed that novel very much. It is set in
Antioch of Syria.

David M. Scholer

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