[b-greek] Thanks - John 15:8

From: Francisco Orozco (reformer@hmo.megared.net.mx)
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 11:43:48 EDT

Thank you all for your comments and responses to my question re: John 15:8

Still, Harold agreed with NAU but Braulio thinks that these are coordinate
clauses (how would you translate the text then Braulio?). It would seem (to
me) that NAU translates the second as subordinate to the first. So, which is

BTW, in actual translation NAU (which follows the Nestle/Aland text) reads
basically the same as the NKJ (which follows the Maj)

And the Textual Critical issue (though it should rather be dealt in the
TC-List) is that the Maj text has an "ungrammatical" variant but still
readable (the second phrase would have to be understood as independent,
according to Carl Conrad).

Thanks again, specially for your patience with this little greek,
Francisco Orozco

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