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From: Brian Swedburg (brian@discoveryhills.org)
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 14:09:03 EDT

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    After the lack of replies on line and the nature of your reply, I'm afraid I have not stated my question well. While
I appreciate the nuances of your translation ( i.e. subjective gentitive in 22: which I cannot whole heartedly endorse as
the rest of the genitive PISTEWS constructions in the passage, including the DIA PISTEWS of vs 30, refer to the faith
who's object is Jesus) I am concerned with whether the righteousness/DIKAIOSUNH of God revealed is His righteous
character, or His justice as Creator Judge.

ie. Yet now the justice/righteouss character of God is revealed apart from the Law, as testified to by the Law ad the
Prophets, even the justice/righteouss character of God revealed through faith in Jesus, for all who believe, for there is
no distinction (i.e. between Jews and Gentiles) because all have sinned and missed God's glory (see 1:23 where mankind is
said to seek man-made glory rather than God's own glory) . . .

Is God's character revealed in this redemption in Christ, or God's justice dispensed through faith in Jesus?

Your partner in Christ,

Dennis Hukel wrote:

> Dear Brian,
> The following is may translation of Romans 21-28. I haven't done 29-31, but I have examined the whole book and
> especially the context around this passage.
> 21Yet now, apart from law, God's righteousness has been manifested (being witnessed by the law and the prophets); 22
> yet God's righteousness [has been manifested] through Jesus Christ's faithfulness unto all the ones who are believing.
> For a distinction is not existing; 23 for all sin and are deficient of the glory of God. 24We are being justified
> gratuitously by his grace through the redemption, which was by Christ Jesus 25(whom God purposed [to be our] expiation
> through his faithfulnes by his blood, for a display of his righteousness, because of the passing over of the penalties
> of sins having occurred before 26during God's forbearance), for the display of his righteousness during the current
> era, for him to be just, and justifying each one by Jesus' faithfulness. 27Where then is boasting? It is shut out.
> Through what kind of law [are we being justified]? Of works? No, but through law of faith. 28For we are reckoning a
> human being to be justified by faith apart from works of law.
> If you have any questions regarding the translation (grammar, syntax, meaning of words and phrases, theological
> connections), just ask.
> Dennis Hukel
> hukel@bhiinc.com

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