[b-greek] Re: ABS prices

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (c.s.bartholomew@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 12:12:25 EDT

on 09/12/00 7:46 AM, Patrick Narkinsky wrote:

> Given ABS's horrible service (the few times I've ordered from them, it has
> taken *months*, my credit card has been "toyed" with, and queries to
> customer service have evoked no response) and their apparently high and
> rising prices, I wish there was an alternative.
> I know that, when I was buying my rather small library, I could not find
> any reasonable alternative to ABS. Is there one?


I am not sure there is an alternative unless you want to read Hodges and
Farstad which would not be my first choice even though I have it. It would
be nice to have a GNT which is published just for reading, no notations, no
front matter, no dictionaries, no textual apparatus. Just nice big plain
type with simple paragraphs (no headings). I wonder if Hendrickson or some
other good publisher could get the rights to the UBS4/NA27 text and print a
text for reading. I find reading the NA27 a bother due to all the symbols
inbedded in the text. For this reason I always print off a loose leave
version of any book I am going to study.

ABS treated my quite fair on my last order. It took 8 months for my NA27
Grosdruck to arrive but they gave it too me at the previous price since I
had already paid them for it. Their customer service was overkill. I got
about six pieces of mail from them telling me that my order had been
canceled or delayed. Each time this happened I contacted by e-mail their
order department and the customer service rep reinstated my order and kept
the process alive. But the book finally arrived after way too much
communication for a simple book order.

I found customer service very polite and helpful.

Now the reason the NA27 Grosdruck took a long time to arrive was that they
were sold out of the first edition and the corrected edition (2000 .ed) was
not out yet so there was a wait.

By the way, you guys are all going to buy this corrected edition are you
not? I mean you aren't going to be "caught dead" citing the "old uncorrected
NA27" in all of your scholarly work are you? So the price hike is going to
impact a lot of people who already have their Greek NT's.

Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
Three Tree Point
P.O. Box 255 Seahurst WA 98062

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