[b-greek] Re: ABS prices

From: Sandra Hack Polaski (spolaski@ctsi.net)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 12:18:21 EDT

A couple of years ago, when the price of the Greek Gospel parallels
(among other scholarly resources) suddenly skyrocketed, I complained to
the keepers of the ABS booth at the Society of Biblical Literature
annual meeting. They encouraged me strongly (as if it hadn't been very
good news to them either) to complain to ABS (they were even handing out
business cards with the address to complain to!--although of course I
don't still have that card). Who knows? Perhaps once again a concerted
outcry will convince ABS not to try to balance their budget on the backs
of biblical scholars. I appreciate their mission of seeking to provide
low-cost Scriptures in the languages of the world; but I would hope that
they would also understand their mission to be making possible the wider
study of the Scriptures in their original languages.
Okay, off my soapbox. Complain to ABS and tell all your friends to do
so too.
-- Sandra
Sandra Hack Polaski shpolaski@btsr.edu
Assistant Professor of New Testament
Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond
3400 Brook Road Richmond, VA 23227
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