[b-greek] Re: (Mt.10:37-38)

From: Wayne Leman (wleman@mcn.net)
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 21:56:41 EDT

Andy Kirillov said:

> (Mt.10:37-38) closely to GNT:
> You see, "not to take one's own cross" among people is to disavow them as
> for the sake of Christ, and to step over relatives when they put a
> point-blank, "Choose either us or your Christ"; it's to leave family
> for ever, having banged the door.
> Is it so?

Andy, yes, you are right. Some of my relatives faced this kind of reaction
from relatives when they chose to follow XRISTOS and his definition of love.
And it sounds like you know something about this kind of love that can cause
relatives and others to turn against you. Thank you for challenging us on
this discussion list.

Wayne Leman
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