[b-greek] Re: 1st John recipients

From: jwest@highland.net
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 05:56:34 EDT

> I have been looking at each group with their corresponding
> characteristic(s). Any suggestions as to why John uses these various groups?

because John wishes to address each member of the congregation. the youngest
(spiritually speaking); those with some skills, those who are adults (again,
spiritually speaking). In short, from the youngest to the oldest believers,
all are included.

> The reason I am confused is because what is common to both the PATERES and
> the NEANISKOI is found in the other group(s) (TEKNIA and/or PAIDIA). So why
> identify the recipients of this letter from these different viewpoints?
> There seems to be obvious overlap.

again, because John wishes to inform all, leave none out, and give none any
reason for saying, "but he didnt say that I should...." Its a very pastoral
and practical approach.

> I had expected to find something unique to the PATERES or the NEANISKOI. But
> since that did not prove to be the case, I became even more confused.

but what John is doing is not giving different assignments to each but the same
assignments to all- according to their level of spiritual maturity.




Jim West,

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